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The year that was 2020.

It kind of started off like any other year. We had a lot planned for the brand. A bunch of pop ups and even a few workshops. Well, like you now know, it didn't pan out exactly the way we planned it. We did attend two pop ups before the lockdown began. So we did have our little share of fun before the lockdown began.

Things took a pretty steep turn around March and we were pretty much confined to our homes for the rest of the year. That's when things kind of started looking bleak because we had absolutely no idea as to what was happening with the world. Not the country, but the whole world coming to a standstill. With no idea as to when situations would normalise, the postal services being restricted to bare essentials and a bunch of production plans being halted, all that was left to do was to wait. Patiently wait.

Pop ups and Fairs.

But how could I just wait? So to make the wait worthwhile, I began working on something that I'd been wanting to do for the brand for the longest time, but never had the time to get to it. Working on our website. We did have a website in place but it somehow was not where my mind was at, so I decided to take things into my hands and design it myself. The whole process taught us a lot but it was totally worth the effort I guess.

While building the website, I also started working on a few different subjects and an entirely fresh collection of stationery. The response to the latest collection was something that we didn't expect. Thank you for all the love on the latest line!

This year made me realise that we own way more than we need. It taught me minimalism. That's the biggest take away from this year for me, personally.

2020 is quite special for us as a brand because it introduced us to a lot of you guys! To all those of you who purchased a product of our labour, know that it genuinely brings a huge smile on our faces each time you placed an order with us. To the rest of you who showered a lot of love in the form of your messages, comments, mails or maybe even a like on our social media posts. Thank you. We treasure you. You made this year a little brighter with your support.

But all of this aside what we consider the biggest achievement of 2020 is not jumping on the Dalgona Coffee fad. Lol.

What did 2020 mean to you?

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